Girls Trip: Vegas Edition

This weekend, me and four of my childhood friends went on our inaugural Fab 5 girl’s trip to Vegas. This was my first time in Vegas, even though I live 4 hours away in L.A., and I was excited to spend my first time in Vegas with four women that know me best. We all arrived Friday evening; I was first (I took a bus) and headed over to the airport a few miles away to meet them. Not only did I not want to be left out of the initial greetings by not being at the airport, I was also trying to save a few coins by carpooling with them to our hotel (I took a free shuttle to the airport to meet them). Good thing I did, because one of my friend’s flights was behind schedule and got delayed by a good hour or so (thanks drunken white men on her flight). By the time we all got connected, we were tired but ready to start our first girl’s trip with all five of us. *Disclaimer: It doesn’t necessarily sound hard to get five people together for a trip, but when 5 people live in 4 different states, one with a child, and different financial situations across the board, it is difficult. This was years in the making and I’m proud we finally did it.*

We arrived at our hotel, the MGM signature, and took our suitcases to our penthouse that we got a SWEET deal on (thanks to me being an airbnb sleuth). Due to one of my friends flight delay, we had to rush on out for our first activity, a late night appointment for Escape Room. Now, this was my first time doing an Escape Room, even though it has been on my bucket list for forever. I was nervous and excited, and so happy to be doing it with my oldest friends. We did a cabin adventure, and I have to say, the set design was amazing. Although I was legit scared in the dark cabin trying to find our way out with a flashlight, I was very impressed with the attention to detail that went into account for the escape room. We had a lot of fun, and I am proud to say that I found the first clue AND we escaped with 18 minutes to spare! Black Girl Magic for the win.

After that, we went back towards the strip and went to Hot N Juicy for some seafood. I have been to locations in DC and LA and got excited when I saw one in Vegas. It was late, so we didn’t do too much. We split “The Drool”, which included shrimp, crawfish, and snowcrab in their special Hot N Juicy seasoning. YUM! After our feast, we walked around a bit and stumbled on a Fat Tuesday that had $1 jello shots. We got a few shots (and several more during our stay) and headed back to MGM because we were all BEAT.

The next morning, they all woke up around 7am (used to the east coast time zone), so I was forced to get up too. We had a long day ahead of us with a packed schedule, so we got the ball rolling and headed out for brunch. We found a Groupon (I stan a frugal queen), drank some homemade mimosas, and went off the strip to a place called Egg Work. It was absolutely delicious and very well priced.  I got a veggie skillet that included potatoes, a veggie egg scramble, and some toast. After that, we hit up Miao massage where we got an hour hot stone massage and foot soak for $35. I felt like a was getting beat up because I never got that firm of a massage before, but I walked out of there feeling great, so I can’t complain. We then hit up The Miracle Mile and the décor made it feel like we were like outside in Spain or something, they had clouds and painted architecture and everything! We stumbled on the food court, where they had a different Fat Tuesdays (score!) and a place called Lobster Me. When I tell you the Cajun lobster and crab roll was the TRUTH! And their lobster and crab grilled cheese, which I split with one of my friends was too damn tasty. I would travel the 4 hours just for that meal again, seriously. I went back to Fat Tuesdays to get a drink for the night. I decided on the “Pain In the Ass”, which is a mix of their Pina Colada and Category 5 (highly recommend!). I remembered that getting me right in my New Orleans adventures, so I knew it wouldn’t fail me in Vegas. After that delicious food, I waddled my food baby into the shower and got dressed to see Migos at Drai’s nightclub.  That was a VERY long night and we didn’t end up going to sleep until like 5 a.m. What a night that was!

The next morning was our last full day. We didn’t have much planned but still had a lot to explore. Somehow we got up around 9:30 am with only 4.5 hours of sleep the night before. It took us literally all morning to get dressed (s/o to Jordene for being our official makeup artist for the trip), and around 1:30 we finally left to hit up the MGM grand buffet. (Sidenote, the underground tunnel that connected all the MGM towers were super clutch because it wasn’t that warm out, unfortunately). The buffet was $35 a person and SOOOO worth it. Let me give you a pro-tip: go around the transitioning time to get the best of both worlds. Let me elaborate: not only was I able to get unlimited mimosas and an omelet station during the brunch time (before 3 p.m.), I was also able to get a FULL PLATE OF CRAB LEGS and wine for the dinner time (after 3 p.m.), because we just so happened to come on the cusp (that totally wasn’t planned but I’m so thankful it did). I had a grand old time in that buffet, let me tell you; I was in seafood heaven! Not only did I have a lox omelet, I had a whole ass plate of crabs, and a seafood batch consisting of shrimp, mussel, and more crab to boot. And I got a nice little buzz from the unlimited drinks. Literally the perfect meal (needless to say, I would travel for 4 hours for this meal as well). After that, we took a few photos on the way back, played a few slots at the casino, and then passed out in the room literally until the next and final day, 12 a.m. 

I was leaving first in 6 hours, and refused to leave without doing something the last night. We walked around outside and found the Milk Bar in one of the malls. I looked them up on Yelp and it looked promising, but I tasted their Crack Pie (questionable name) and Cereal Milk soft serve, and I just wasn’t impressed. We walked to Shake Shack and I got their ice cream cone, which was so good, surprisingly. I also got to taste my friend’s blood orange ginger lemonade she got from there, and it was delicious. I never really gave Shake Shack a chance before this, but I will definitely be going back (hopefully they have a veggie burger).  We did a little more walking around and then we went back to the room so I could get a little shuteye before I had to leave for L.A. 

All in all this was a fun trip and I’m glad that I had a weekend of total relaxation (didn’t even bring my laptop), exploration, and bonding with my childhood friends in Vegas.  I’m thankful for the time we got to spend together and that we all did some living this weekend. I’m glad we got this one down, and we have many more to go! I’m thinking international next, we shall see…