F*cking Catalina Wine Mixer

F*ckin Catalina Wine Mixer

So I had one of the best birthdays ever this year.  Why?  Because I went to the fucking Catalina Wine Mixer!  Not really (is that a real thing?), but I did go to the beautiful island of Catalina.  We drove down to Newport Beach to catch the ferry to the island.  It was a bit cold and we lucked out and ended up at the top of the boat with open air.  Not the best experience- especially since I’d just ate breakfast and downed a bunch of wine before getting on the boat (I didn’t know you could take food and drinks on there- rookie mistake).  I ended up feeling pretty queasy and spent some time on the lower level trying to collect myself during the hour boat ride; it was 9am and I was drunk- but hey, it was my birthday dammit. 

When we were getting close to the mainland, I couldn’t help but take in the gorgeous scenery- it looked like Greece or something very fancy and expensive. The water was so pretty and clear; I could see the rocks on the bottom and a bunch of beautiful fish swimming around.  I honestly felt like I was not just off the California coast, or even near the U.S. for the matter.  Although I have yet to go to Europe (on my list of things to do after rent, student loans, and more bills)- it looked and felt like I was off the coast of some place that rappers talk about, but us commoners don’t know how to spell correctly in Google.

We had no real plans, so we set out to explore the island.  The island isn’t all that big so that last about 20 minutes.  We looked into some excursions to do, and they all sounded awesome and cool. What I really wanted to do was sit by the ocean- it was too cold and rocky to get in- so we went to the cabana rentals and I took a nap on the beach.  That's literally what I did for most of the day, and I have no shame.  I have been grinding for so long and I just wanted to have the day to do the things I love- be at the beach, sleep, and eat.

Which brings me to the tastiest lobster roll ever.  I talked to the workers at the resort to get hip to the places the locals go to eat (pro-tip).  They recommended a few places, but once I heard one that had “lobster” in it, I was sold.  It sounded good and I deserved some lobster on my birthday.  We headed to The Lobster Trap, about a 10-minute walk from the resort rental area, just in time for Happy Hour.  They had $3 Jameson shots (my whiskey of choice when I use to drink) among other cheap specials.  I forced my partner to take a birthday shot with me and I ordered a lobster roll and he a lobster burrito.  Usually we share and taste each other’s food but I DID NOT OFFER UP THAT LOBSTER ROLL.  I was in heaven the whole time.  We were both quiet as a mouse, which meant that either we were tired (which I doubt because we slept on the beach for hours) or it was THAT good.  Although I was expecting it on like a hoagie/hero bread and not an actual roll, the lobster itself was super good.  Didn’t need any sauce or condiments, although I did dress the sandwich up with the fixins’- lettuce, tomato, and onion (it was $20 and I was utilizing everything on that plate).  We ate, we saw, we conquered.

We headed back to the ferry and took the ride back to Newport.  It was a lot better this time as we were further up in line and got a prime seat on the main level.  Pro-tip: wherever you are on the boat, make sure you mosey on down to the door that they dock at so you aren’t on the ship waiting to get off for like 25 minutes (just picture the horror of getting on line to get off the airplane after it lands and multiply it by a thousand) and you’ll be in good shape.

Such an amazing day with good vibes, clean water (no shade Venice Beach), not a lot of people, and just overall relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of LA.  I would definitely recommend for a nice day trip or if you want to feel fancy on a scenic vacation but don’t have the funds to go all the way to Europe or the Caribbean.  Nice for a baecation, staycation, solo, or group travel.  Basically, if you can, go to Catalina!