Be Kind, We All Need A Little Love

No one in the era of social media is 100% happy all the time.  You have to realize that social media is just a highlight reel of what people want you to see.  People want to show you the places they’ve been to or that new outfit they just bought, but alot are sad and depressed on the inside.  With the recent celebrity deaths along with the general shit show that is politics, it just really makes you think maybe you should stop and consider other people and their stories and journeys.  You never know what people are going through.  Around this time last year, my living situation was very rocky, got fired from a job, and had issues with harassment and worse.  I was depressed, anxious, and scared, and no one knew for the longest time.  I had just moved out to LA only months prior, and was really struggling. I was dodging family members calls for several weeks because of the shame I felt- and I only recently told my four closest friends, almost a year later.  I didn’t want them to think my move was in vain, or that I was a failure, or to try to convince me to come back to the East Coast.  You wouldn’t have known based off of social media- I was still posting my new California adventures, all smiles.

If it wasn’t for God, music, and the beach, I don’t know where I would be now.  It was my safe haven, a spot for me to think, pray, and reflect.  I grew so much as a person last summer.  But I had to go within, had to log off, and I had to get real about my purpose.  It was painful to even talk about it, to have to go back to that place of helplessness, and the friends that I told were shocked.  I never acted like anything was wrong, never asked for help.  Which is something that needs to be spoken about in the black community, on us having to much pride or hurt to reach for help (which is a whole other conversation to be had).

I am still coping with PTSD and the pain of that period in my life.  But I am on the road to healing.  I do have to thank my Heavenly Father and the people that raised me for my resiliency, strength, and courage that keep me moving forward no matter the obstacles or adversity I may face in my life.  I’ve fallen SO many times, and I still get up.  And that’s all you can do in life.  That’s all that matters.  You have to get up every time.  I know it’s hard- trust me as someone who has been to the bottom and almost didn’t make it back up.  But that teaches you that no matter what may come your way, when storms are heavy and clouds are gray, you are going to get past it.  Because you’ve been through so many things already, you will get through this too.  You’ll gain another lesson; it’s never a failure.  You have to keep moving forward and pushing past the negativity.

And when you are in a place of self-care and self-preservation where you can help others and reach out to others, do it.  We need to create more safe spaces to talk.  Not just online, but in real life.  To talk about not just the good, but the bad as well.  We are not okay.  This generation is not okay.  This world is not okay.  We need to speak up.   We need to bring more love and light. We are all in this together. 

Protect yourself, and protect your light.  Go on a social media cleanse, buy a journal to use to get your emotions out, search online for free/affordable therapy, go for a walk to clear your head or calm down.  Do the work.  Invest in self-care.  Invest in yourself.  Speak up.  Be kind to others.  You only have one body and one spirit- do not let anyone or any energy take that away from you.