Redemption Of A Dogg

This past Friday night, I had the pleasure of going to see my uncle Snoop at his stage play “Redemption of a Dogg,” presented by him and Je’Caryous Johnson. Now, Snoop has been my uncle in my head for at least a decade, so I was beyond excited with the hookup for the tickets (more on how that came to be will hopefully be in another post soon!)  and was counting down the days as soon as I found out.

 Once Friday came around, I got cute and met my friend down at the Microsoft Theater along with my boss and writing crew. We got in a little after 8pm, and most of the theater seats were empty (everyone was on CPTime and in the will call line) so we all chatted in excitement.  A little bit after 8:30pm, the play started. 

It started out as damn near a concert, with Snoop Dogg telling the us to stand up and him performing some of his real hits in the play. It then turned into a Scrooge scenario, with Tamar Braxton taking him back from past to future with alternate realities depending on how he responded to certain situations.  The play was all about how the main character, Calvin’s, decisions can affect everyone in his life and him learning from his mistakes.  By the end of the play, Calvin was a changed man, and the aunties in the audience had an “amen” moment after his speech along with Tamar’s song at the end.  It felt as if we went to church, and we did, because the play ended with Calvin/Snoop performing an Easter Sunday show for his church in the play.

Redemption of a Dogg was 4:44 in a play format, the ultimate way to apologize to the woman who has held him down for years, and to show his personal growth and evolution as a man. After the play, the cast came out for their bows, and we all had a special California love moment for Snoop Dogg. We all stood and clapped for Snoop, because he really laid his heart out on that stage. The play was part concert, part play, part church, but all raw. Snoop has been an OG for a minute, and it was touching to see him so vulnerable in giving us pieces of his personal life onstage. During the bows, he said something like “What can I give to the woman who has it all?” and then talked about how he did this play for Boss Lady, his wife, as a way of thank you for all she endured. All that she sacrificed. All that she let go in the name of love.

To see such an icon onstage, with tears, dedicating his newest entertainment venture to his wife was a blessing to see. You can tell he was extremely dedicated and vulnerable by doing this play, a side we have never seen from Snoop Dogg. As a huge Snoop fan, I was happy to see Snoop in another light and in a whole new platform, and it solidified his place in my heart and as the people’s champ. And he also FINALLY received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week. This Dogg is redeemed, delivered, and winning!