My Top 10 Movies of the Year 2018

Movies are my jam. It’s my industry. It’s why I got into this business in the first place.  Here’s the list for my favorite movies that came out this year:


·      Black Panther- Do I really have to explain myself? Black Excellence at its finest.

·      A Star Is Born- Gaga deserves everything for her role. And that music?! Sis, collect your things this awards season. Also, Bradley Cooper was a dope director for this.  That scene in the beginning when she was singing at the club and even at the end with her ending performance, very well directed.

·      Creed II- Great direction. That scene when they found out baby girl was deaf, BROKE MY HEART.

·      Incredibles 2- For nostalgia reasons, sequels are rarely better than the first. But this one was cute. P.S. Jack Jack and Edna need their own movie.

·      Widows- I know a lot of people who disagree. But anything with Viola, I’m here for. I said what I said.

·      Sorry To Bother You- Super weird, super funky, super random. I had a good time.

·      Crazy Rich Asians- Rom-coms are not usually my favorites, but it was so extravagant and will also serve as inspo for my wedding. (Saving now. Cash app: @thatgirlcreates) And I’ve loved Constance Wu since Fresh Off the Boat first came out. She deserves.

·      Bohemian Rhapsody-  Very well done biopic. I knew nothing about Queen going in, but I know for a fact Rami killed that role.

·      A Wrinkle In Time- I really enjoyed this book as a kid. And the fact that Ava directed it and a black girl was the lead character was icing on an already delicious cake. Also, Oprah. (Side note: I may or may not have shed thug tears during this movie.)

·      The Hate U Give- Refreshing perspective on what happens in the aftermath of police shootings of unarmed black teens. Stellar cast.


Honorable Mentions:

·      If Beal Street Could Talk- I haven’t seen it yet (currently reading the book) but, James Baldwin. Barry Jenkins. What else is there to say?