The Art of Manifestation

I feel like recently, there has been a conscious shift in society to be more open to discovering our higher selves. I’ve noticed a recent boom of manifestation videos on YouTube, and me with my new channel and a lot to be thankful for, I was not one to let it pass me by. A lot of the videos I watched talked about how to manifest through writing/speaking what you want, and they were good with breaking it down. I feel like most know the basics, so I went and shared my story on how manifestation (along with hard work) changed my life.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue. I grew up listening to my baptist pastor say that all the time. As a young kid, I just thought that was their “religion talk”, but I’ve seen a variation of that phrase in a lot of non-religious books. Successful people tend to do the same things (meditate, exercise regularly, read/write daily, etc.) as other successful people- and the more autobiographies and books on success I read, the more I notice that they all had a vision for themselves and their successes long before any of it came. But they manifested their riches, their lives, and their careers. They all tell stories of hard times, unsupportive family and friends, and long and lonely nights. But they all have seemed to stay on course and stayed true to their dreams until they became a reality. You have to speak life into yourself, even if you don’t always see/feel it at first. And staying stuck in broke/poor/sheep mentality (death) won’t help you achieve your dreams, you have to speak what you want and will have (life)- not what you have and see right now.

I always think about the story of Jim Carrey, and how he wrote himself a ten million dollar check, long before he had the money to cash it. He wrote the check at such a low point in his life and career, but kept it in his wallet until he manifested that money (and more), with years of hard work, patience, and visualization. That has kept me going during times when I didn’t think it was possible to move forward in life, and it has encouraged me to not stop, because achieving you dreams is doable. As someone who has gone from living out of my car to becoming a staff writer on tv shows within two years of being in LA, I can say that manifesting and doing the internal work will shift and change your entire life.

You can listen to my journey, here: (Part 2)

I’m thinking about doing a whole series about manifestation on my channel. Comment under my videos if you would like to see it!