Coco And The Meaning Of Legacy

I know, I'm late to the party.  With the release of The Incredibles 2, I was in the mood for more deep, animated films.  Coco was a good movie, it was deep, it had layers. But I know if I was younger, I would’ve been scared with all these ghosts and spirits (I know that is the whole point of Dia de los Muertos). But it really made me think about legacy and how you would want to have a lasting legacy and the gift and desire to give yourself and give your all. And because the ultimate legacy is living on, even in death. 

It made me think of Maya Angelou and her timeless works, her works will live on forever. Fredrick Douglass and his biography are still being studied (hopefully) in schools today, he will live on forever. It’s all about the legacy and passing it down. And even when you think your done in this lifetime, in the next lifetime, your words, music, energy, whatever- it can be used. It can be admired, it can be inspired once your know longer on this earth. And your going to keep being in this transitioning stage until you’re able to give as much as you possibly can. How like the older guy was in the movie, when he was thinking about not giving his guitar up. Once he started fading away, he realized he shouldn’t be bitter and to give back to the generation coming up (in this case Miguel and his friend) before his final transition. 

We would hope to not get to the “final death” before coming to this realization, and would want to leave a legacy so inspiring to someone that it will never stop being passed down. We would want to just be so inspiring and leaving something so lasting that we will never be forgotten. That’s the goal- that’s the goal of life. Not even us as a person, but our energy, our art, and our work. 

Miguel taught us to be true to ourselves and in our gifts, and our purpose will come to us. Always be true to yourself, and that is how your legacy will last the longest. If you feel the universe is pulling you back (like Miguel’s spirit dog), you need to listen. But maybe not, maybe it will take you a few times to get bit before you listen to the universe and to what you know what is right and what is good for you.

Sometimes your family won’t understand or support you, but you have to keep it pushing and keep it moving. Eventually you will find YOUR family. Miguel found his in his actual spirit family. He chose to seek knowledge and learn the whole story about his family before passing judgment or giving up on his dreams. Even when he found out that his grandfather who he thought he was, he knew not to get attached to the person or let that distract him from his dream.  

Another gem learned is: don’t tarnish your reputation or your legacy, don’t be on the bad side of legacy. Make sure that when you leave, you have done all right and you don’t have any bad karma floating around like the Ernesto de la Cruz did. He was loved by millions, but the people that knew him did not have a good image of him. There should be a balance, you should strive for the love and support of your family as well as good energy around all people. We need more light and positive energy in this world. Granted, you won’t be understood and liked by everyone, but counterbalance that with your positivity. 

Because the truth will always come out in the end. Always. Whether it’s good or bad. Time will tell, literally. When it all came out about Ernesto, all of his fans and the people he held value in knew the truth about his deceitful ways, even in the afterlife. Karma still came for that ass. His legacy changed in the matter of seconds, and he told on himself. Everything in the dark will eventually come to light. 

The final take away of Coco is: even if you think you're not remembered in the end, it’s still worth it. Because time might turn your legacy around, just like Miguel’s real grandfather. He was true to himself and knew his truth- even though things were misconstrued for generations- in the end, the truth finally came to light. He didn’t receive it in his lifetime as much as in his transition, but if you're on the right side of legacy, it will work itself out and the legacy will live on.

Keep building.

Keep striving.

And shine that positive light for the generations to come.