My Album’s of the Year 2018

I love music.  I’ve listened to sooo many albums this year, been to sooo many concerts (including Beychella), and just had so many moments surrounding music.  2018 has brought in a lot of groundbreaking albums, surprise drops, and a lot of good auditory vibes.  There were a lot of solid albums this year, but these are the ones the I revisited the most throughout the year.

Here are my Top 10 Albums of the Year in no particular order:

·      Dirty Computer- Iconic. The Emotionpicture, the tour (one of the best concerts of the year), the album, Janelle. Just everything. This will go down as a capsule, and when I’m old and in my rocking chair, I’ll replay this and remember the exact moments in time in world history, politics, and feminism. Get that Grammy, sis!

·      Hive Mind- I can’t decide which The Internet album I like the best. Everyone in the band is younger than me, but they are so wise, I really believe they have been here before. Soooo many songs and vibes and moments I love. I can rant about how dope they are all day.  I’m seeing them next week at the Palladium and I AM SOOOO EXCITED. Recap coming soon.

·      Everything Is Love- I can’t. I really can’t. I still don’t have the words for this black ass excellence. Shutting down the Louvre to make a dope ass music video is just goals.  And the fact that I went to On the Run II after it dropped and they did Apeshit was just (not to be dramatic)… Magical. This was definitely the Year of Beyonce (as always) and I got to witness Beychella AND On The Run II.

·      The Kids Are Alright- While we’re in the Parkwood-stanning mood, how about Chloe and Halle? They sound even better live (they opened the OTR II show) and I love them on Grown-ish.   I remember them from their YouTube days, and I love how much they are shining.

·      Summer Pack- Two songs, with so many vibes.  I played those two on repeat for daysssss when they first came out.  I’ve always loved Childish Gambino, and I’m super stoked to see him on Sunday (I’m knocking these concerts down this year!)

·      Black Panther: The Album- Never have I ever played out a soundtrack like this one. This TDE project banged the whole way through. It matched the movie effortlessly, yet still managed to tell a story on it’s own.

·      Swimming- R.I.P. Mac Miller.  As a new fan, I was super excited to see his musical journey and was ready to see him on tour. Such a loss that affected many in the industry as well as music lovers.

·      Astroworld- Next level. ‘Nuff said.

·      Isolation- She has quite a few standout tracks, but this is on my list off the strength of the collab with Uncle Charlie Wilson.

·      Negro Swan- Blood Orange is always super vibey, and this had to be on my list off the strength of the Janet Mock interlude.

Honorable Mentions:

A Star Is Born Soundtrack- The soundtrack made me fall in love with Gaga all over again. P.S. That Oscar is yours, sis.

Insecure Season 3 Soundtrack- Insecure never fails with the dope tracks and putting new artists on to a wider audience.

Invasion of Privacy- chart topping first album, the singles was all you heard all year in the clubs and on the radio.