Put My Growth Where My Mouth Is

I’ve been working on self-love and combating my anxiety for the past month or so and my hair was one of the ways I was able to hide.  Now, standing out with short hair, I have nothing to hide behind and I am forced to be bolder with my new cut.

The fact that so many people think I’ve had my hair like this all along and the fact that I’ve gotten so many compliments (go so far as recently in my tv debut, a seasoned actress thought that I was a fellow actress that she may have worked with in the past), I’m actually considering keeping the short look for a while.  We’ll see. 

I feel like a new me… therapy, working out, a new haircut and attitude… I feel like I’m slowly becoming the woman of my dreams.  I feel great and I’ve done a complete turn in intentionally thinking and manifesting positivity over my life.  Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle, sometimes it’s a breeze.  But when I notice little things like being able to better effectively communicate my feelings with my partner or finding the courage to confidently rock a bold new cut and color while working in a roomful of comedians (who are quick to clown literally anything), I realize that I’ve come a long way in a short amount of time.  I have a lot more left to learn and experience, and it can only go up from here.

P.S. I started my YouTube channel!  I go in depth on why I cut my hair (it wasn’t my choice) and how I felt during the process.  Like, comment, and subscribe to my YouTube Channel!