That Girl Creates

This is my first entry on my website.  Wow.  How many years did it take for me to finally do this?  That’s a question for another time.  Now, I just want to be in the present, in this moment.  How did this moment come about?  Well, destiny- a destiny designed to put me in this exact second in where I launch my very own website.  A journey that hasn’t ended; yet hadn’t just begun either.  I’ve Been grinding (G’s move in silence, right?), but now is the time to put it all out there.  No holding back my dopeness, no more being afraid of my purpose.  On here, I want to share stories.  I want to create stories.  By me, by others, whomever.  I want to highlight my works, as well as shout out and give love to others.  What’s a voice if no one is around?


I also want to be dope.  Connect with dope people.  Build a dope tribe.  I create a lot of dope shit (to be frank)- in different mediums- and want to connect with and learn about others who do the same.  You’ll see some of my loves on here- writing, music, food, film, and travel- and sometimes just life in general.  I’ll share some of my experiences and expressions, and you will also see me highlight others who out here doing their thing – because who doesn’t need that extra cheerleader in their life?


To sum it up, I do it all (write, cook, act, sing, and more) and have this space to share all of that with the world.  I want to be used to bring a little more creativity into the world, and to help others by doing so.  I Create.  That Girl Creates. 




“Now keep in mind that I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my shit…”