Witness Uganda

Friday evening, I had the pleasure of seeing Witness Uganda at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills. Not knowing anything about the play going in, I had no idea what I was about to witness with this self-described “documentary musical.” I had no idea what that entailed, and that was the first time I ever saw those two words together. I immediately thought this would either be a snooze fest or the best thing ever. It turned out to be the latter.

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“Jones” and the Alcoholic Millennial

It’s no secret that young people like to drink. A lot. At the peak, about 80% of millennials drink.  And why not? In the age of stress, “wokeness,” and living in Trump’s America, can you blame them? Unfortunately, those problems and issues are masks for deeper issues: alcoholism and drug addiction.

Enter, “Jones,” a very honest short film about a young woman’s (Jones) journey of breaking her alcohol addiction and getting help. It has been reported that over 10 million young Americans need treatment for addictions, and a lot of us just aren’t getting the help. Whether it’s stigma, self-doubt, funding, or just straight up denial, we just aren’t asking for help.

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My Album’s of the Year 2018

I love music.  I’ve listened to sooo many albums this year, been to sooo many concerts (including Beychella), and just had so many moments surrounding music.  2018 has brought in a lot of groundbreaking albums, surprise drops, and a lot of good auditory vibes.  There were a lot of solid albums this year, but these are the ones the I revisited the most throughout the year.

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